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At Frite Alors!, we love our Quebec!

To concoct our Belgian fries, our burgers and our poutine, we partner with our local businesses! We keep them going and as a bonus, we’re making new friends!


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Our restaurants

Frite Alors! Limoilou

Following his success on Crémazie, Ben opens a second restaurant in the heart of Limoilou. The neighbourhood is undergoing major change and his place will soon be surrounded by several local stores that delight the residents.

Frite Alors! McGill

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Frite Alors! McGill opened its doors in 2012. Mathieu, full of ambition, chose one of the largest locations of the chain. All the better!

Frite Alors! Fleury

André-Marie, who already owns Frite Alors! Masson, opens a second restaurant, together with his girlfriend Jeanne!

Frite Alors! Longueuil

The residents of the South Shore of Montreal also deserve having fries! Lyne and Louis decided to establish their vast restaurant in Vieux-Longueuil 10 years ago.

Frite Alors! Villeray

The two Marie arrived in the neighbourhood in 2010! It took some foresight to establish a restaurant on the rather quiet Villeray street. Back then, the neighbourhood was undergoing major change.

Frite Alors! Crémazie

In 2010, Ben, a long-time Frite Alors! employee, goes into business for himself. He decided to establish in the city of Québec.

Frite Alors! Lacombe

This is where all the University of Montreal students are having a snack before or after classes!

Frite Alors! St‑Denis

Still in love, Geneviève and Yannick are thinking big! Their new restaurant opens its doors on St-Denis, close to the UQAM and the Vieux Montréal college! Located in the heart of the city, it’s a nice place to stop and have a snack after a shopping spree (or after a demonstration! Solidarity!).

Frite Alors! Masson

This place, one of the first of the Frite Alors! family, really is a small museum dedicated to Belgium.

Frite Alors! St‑Laurent

Yannick, now fully integrated in Quebec society, finds love and draws his better half into the Frite Alors! adventure. That’s how the St-Laurent branch opened its doors in January 2003. Right on the Main, its delicious fries delight the partygoers of the neighbourhood

Frite Alors! Parc

This is the first one, the original! Almost 30 years ago, Jean Jurdant launched his concept and introduced his delicious Belgian fries to the Montrealers.

Frite Alors! Laurier

In 1993, one year and a half after opening the first Frite Alors! on Park Avenue, its founder Jean Jurdant partners with Yannick de Groote, another Belgian who recently arrived in Quebec, to open a second restaurant on Laurier Avenue East.

Frite Alors! Rachel

An institution in the neighbourhood! Slightly set back from St-Denis street, at the corner of Berri and Rachel, this Frite Alors! has attracted the locals for 25 years.