We are well aware that the restaurant business generates significant waste.

That’s why we have made a few simple changes to lessen the impact of our activities on our dear planet. Here are some examples:

  • All our take-out containers are compostable or recyclable.
  • We encourage you to bring your own reusable food containers for your take-out orders.
  • You may share a dish with no extra charge! No waste, long live sharing!
  • We only serve beverages in cans or glass bottles. No to plastic!
  • We favour the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • The four restaurants located in districts offering this service are proud to make compost! We take this opportunity to pass on a message to the municipality! Four restaurants out of 10 on the Island of Montreal? When will composting services be extended to the whole city? Thank you for your attention.
  • And of course, we also banned plastic straws!

And we always want to do better!

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A love story!

Our mayonnaises are made by the team of Cuisines Poirier, our bread comes from Boulart, we call on our buddies from the Boucherie Champfleuri for our more elaborate dishes, the fromagerie St-Guillaume supplies us with our delicious cheese curds, Tou-Cru cooks our organic sauerkraut and kimchi and Les Aliments Baril have been supplying us with potatoes for 15 years! Now, that’s a beautiful love story!

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