Frite Alors! , the saviour of crispy fries

Fries are serious! A shaved, crumbling fries next to a hamburger, and a restaurant’s reputation collapses… To say stop to soggy or over-grilled fries and to say yes to crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside fries,, discover all the well-kept secrets of our Belgian friends.

At Frite Alors! We take pride in continuing the tradition with Belgian fries with a Quebec accent. Here are 3 secrets about authentic Belgian fries to go to bed less silly in the evening!

Belgian fries are cooked in a special oil

Once sliced, dip the Belgian fries in beef white (swif!) – not vegetable oil there! It is the mystery ingredient of the realization of tasty Belgian fries with authentic taste.

This frying grease is not sold everywhere in Quebec, because ‘Blanc de boeuf’ is a Belgian trademark. This explains why the famous Belgian fries have a sublime taste almost impossible to reproduce at home.

Not one, but two!

Here, we reveal another secret of the real Belgian fries. It must not only be cooked in beef white, but also go through two successive baths to be heavenly crispy: the first to blanch it and the second to cook it.

This double cooking is crucial, since it is the original Belgian technique, which gives good golden and crispy fries. Mmmm!

It always ends well in good company

The reputation of famous Belgian fries also comes from home-made sauces and mayonnaise to accompany them as they should. It’s not just how to prepare them that counts!

There are so many sauces for  fries in Belgium, that we can’t really know how many there are. At Frite Alors! , we offer you a selection of the most popular seasoned mayonnaise like the American, the Frite Alors!, Aïoli and much more to spice up your Belgian fries.

So now, we no longer talk about french fries! Now we’re only talking about Belgian fries or authentic Belgian fries, got it?

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