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The real belgian fries
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Hi! First of all we would like to thank you for your interest in our banner.

Over the last 24 years, Frite Alors! has been building its reputation. We have been able to distinguish ourselves from the competition, evolve and follow the trends, while fully respecting the spirit of the Belgian friterie.

The success of our franchisees is simple: we recruit people with a lot of guts and strong management skills. It is not a secret: the restaurant industry is

Frite Alors! was founded on May 27th, 1991 in a little building on Avenue du Parc in Montréal.

Jean Jurdant, the Belgian founder of Frite Alors!, immediately saw the opportunity to import the know-how from Belgium.

After a few years of operation and hard work, it was time to open a second restaurant. In 1994, the Frite Alors! Laurier street location opened its doors, in association with Yannick De Groote, who also originates from Belgium!

One thing led to the other, and the idea of creating a franchise evolved. The banner can now be found on the island of Montreal, in Vieux-Longueuil, in Trois Rivières, in Québec and even in Lyon (France), a city known for its gastronomy and famous chefs.

How bold!


Here are some tips to help you make your decision.




• First of all, we are looking for applicants who want to work in their own restaurant.


• Frite Alors! is a restaurant concept that requires the daily and consistent presence of the owner.


• The Frite Alors! franchisee should have between $250,000 and $350,000 of capital to invest, strong credit and a solid experience in the retail business.


• Practical experience in staff management is also an asset for project success.

are you made
for Frite Alors! ?

First of all, you must know our concept.

Visit all of the Frite Alors! restaurants, sit down at the bar,
watch the employees at work.

Do you see yourself leading this team?

let us go into the heart of
the matter… the numbers

•You have to be aware that banks don’t easily grant loans for restaurants.


•A statement of financial situation will be required.


•With a $5,000 deposit in trust, you will receive our franchise agreement.


•This amount will be fully refunded if you wish to withdraw after reading the agreement and/or after 2 or 3 meetings with us.


•A medium-sized Frite Alors! restaurant (60 to 70 seats), with yearround operation in a residential district with a few shops in the area, produces annual revenues of approximately $800,000.

•The net profits of such a restaurant are on average between 6% and 8%. It is very easy to increase profits (in wages) by working in your restaurant instead of hiring a costly manager!


•Our royalties for Quebec are 4%, calculated on your gross sales, and are payable monthly.

The fee for obtaining a Frite Alors! franchise is $30,000 in Quebec.
This amount includes:


•Training of owners and key employees. Training is given in one of our training restaurants and lasts a minimum of 15 days or until our complete satisfaction.


•The disclosure of our recipes.


•The support of our associates specialized in interior design and decoration for our Frite Alors! restaurants. The design and decoration must meet our requirements. We also offer “turn key” projects (at additional cost).


•Access to lower prices from our suppliers with the Frite Alors! restaurant chain.


•A web site, an active presence on social media, marketing support, graphic design and advertising tools.


However, you will be in charge of finding a location for which we must give our approval according to our standards: surrounding population, selected area, accessibility, etc.

For further information, please contact


Martin Charbonneau, le franchisor

514 996-9546

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