They are served in a classical European cone and come with a variety of tasty homemade sauces, each one more succulent than the other...


Regular Fries

Large Fries

Regular Fries with sauce

Large Fries with sauce





American  (mayo, paprika, garlic, shallots, onions, harissa)

Andalouse (mayo, tomatoes, spices)

Aïoli (mayo, garlic)

Rémoulade (mayo, Dijon mustard, tarragon)

Dijonaise (mayo, Dijon mustard)

Béarnaise (mayo, shallots, white wine, chevril, tarragon)

Pistou rosé (mayo, basilic, dried tomatoes, pine nuts, garlic)

Frite Alors! (mayo, harissa, garlic)

Curry (mayo, curry)

Mielonnaise (mayo, honey, black pepper)

Cocktail (mayo, ketchup)

Provençale (red peppers, oregano)

Mexican (tomatoes, hot peppers, coriander)

Indonesien (mayo, ajvar, sambal oelek)

Limette (mayo, lime, black pepper)

Tartare (mayo, pickles, capers, sweet mustard)

Piccallili (Marinade: cauliflower, pickles, onions, mustard)



Other sauces






The Poutines

La Vladimir (regular sauce)

La tunisienne (merguez sausage and fried onions)

La Frite Alors! (green peppers, mushrooms, onions & bacon)

L'eau à la Bush  (steak, onions, mushrooms)

La cochonne (pork fat, grilled onions) 

La viennoise (sausage)

Poutine de porc éfiloché 

La Bourguignonne (braised beef)



House specialties

Every dish comes with your choice of salad or fries and one sauce


Merguez Sausage (3 lamb sausages) 

Toulouse Sausage (2 pork sausages, garlic and white wine)

Marinated Flank

Filet Américain Bœuf ou Cheval  (Belgian tartar)

Mitraillette  A Belgian Classic! (2 sausages and fries in a baguette with American sauce)

Fish 'n' Frite Alors! (2 haddock fillets, tartar sauce) 




The burgers and sandwiches

Our suppliers provide us with a gourmet selection of

market fresh fish, meat and poultry that is sold exclusively

in our restaurants.


Every dish comes with your choice of salad or fries and one sauce


Regular hamburger

(beef, relish, mustard, onions, lettuce and tomatoes)


(Beef, Gruyere cheese, mayo, Dijon, onions, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes)

Buccaneer Burger

(Smoked meat patty, Gruyere cheese, bacon, American sauce, lettuce and tomatoes)

Frite Alors! Burger

(Beef, onions, bacon, peppers, mushrooms, mayo and salad)

Le Gros Machin

(Double hamburger patty, Gruyere cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes)

Grilled Chicken burger

(Chicken breast, remoulade sauce, lettuce and tomatoes)

Kebab Burger

(Beef, lamb, sauce Frite Alors!, lettuce and tomatoes)

Avocado Burger

(Beef, mayo, onions, tomatoes)

Le Bêêêrger

(Beef, goat cheese, bacon, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes)

Végé burger

(Peppers, onions, mushrooms, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, walnuts)

 The Rudolph Burger

(Moose, onion jam, Dijonnaise, Gruyere cheese and pickles)

Parigot Burger

(Beef, Brie, apples, bearnaise sauce, onions, tomatoes, lettuce)

Auvergne  Burger

(beef, blue cheese, cream cheese, mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes)

Texan Burger

(Beef, grilled mushrooms, bacon, Gruyere cheese, barbecue sauce)

3 Little Pigs Burger

(Minced pork, Cuban spicy BBQ sauce, cheese, onion, tomatoes)

Frite Alors! Club sandwich

(Baguette, chicken salad, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes, served with red coleslaw)

European Hot-dog 

(Relish, mustard, onions, lettuce and tomatoes)

Sauerkraut and dijon

Croque-Monsieur, Belgian style

(Country bread, ham, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes)

The Grilled Cheese Frite Alors 

(extra sharp cheddar, honey)

Croque Frite Alors!

(Country bread, goat cheese, ham, bacon, peppers, mushrooms, onions)

Vegetarian Croque

(Country bread, mushrooms, avocado, onions, peppers, goat cheese, remoulade sauce)

Merguez Baguette

(Garnished with a cucumber and tomato salad and Frite Alors! sauce)

 Toulouse Baguette

(Dijon, lettuce and tomatoes)

 Bon Burger Belge

(smoked pork and beef, belgian sauce, mayo, onions and lettuce)


Kid's Menu

Viennese sausage

Meat balls (beef)

Chicken fingers (3) (BBQ sauce or honey mustard)

Mini Poutine


The Extras

Tossed salad 

add Gruyere cheese, avocado, bacon or sauerkraut 

add Brie




The dessert menu varies by location.

Ask your server!



Alcoholic beverages



(Blonde, Rousse, Blanche, Dorée, Cuivrée)

Brasseurs RJ 


(Our house lager brewed by Les Brasseurs de Montreal.)

 Les Trois Mouquetaires

(Blonde, Rousse, Blanche, Noire)



Imported beers

Imported from Belgium

(Riva White, Bruxelles White, Chouffe)

Imported from Germany

(Beck's, Fürstenberg White)

Imported from Holland


Imported from France



We also offer a selection of bottled wines



Non-alcoholic beverages

House drinks

(Lemonade, Grenadine Diabolo , Mint Diabolo , iced coffee, iced tea)

Soft drinks 

(Pepsi, 7UP, Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew, Orange Crush KIRI-spruce, strawberry or grape cream soda)


(Apple, grape, orange, orange-pineapple, mango, papaya, pink grapefruit , vegetable cocktail)

San Pelligrino


Marco spruce beer

Hot chocolate

Coffee (Expresso, Americano, cappucino, latte)



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